1. Commercial Planning and Marketing Support – Top commercial talent in biopharma is in short supply.  Whether you need a commercial leader or a key functional player, gain the advantage of deep commercial expertise on an interim basis.  LAUNCH ONE can fill your commercial gap now and serve as a bridge to your permanent solution.  See what good looks like and staff up when the time is right.    

2. Launch Playbook Development – This core document is critical for team alignment and becomes the source material for all interdisciplinary launch planning meetings.  It is a dynamic resource that contains the most up-to-date plans reflecting inputs from all internal functions and external partners. 

3. Qualitative Market Research - The voice of the customer remains one of the most important components in strategy development.  Asking the right questions generates breakthrough insights.  Our approach is turn-key, timely and cost effective. 


4. Competitive Strategy  Putting on the mind of the competition is a powerful way to gain learn into how they will attack.  Having countermeasures prepared for all scenarios ensures no surprises and the best possible outcome. 

5. Opportunity Assessment - Combining sound analytical methods with an unbiased approach, we develop product and market level forecasts that provide you with clear insights needed to make strategic and investment decisions.